About Us


Who are We?

We are your weekend, your release, your answer to the grind of the nine-to-five. We are fellowship, a chance to get out into nature with your friends for a bit of good spirited competition. We are an oasis in a troubled world of work and bills and home maintenance.


We are your Golf Club.


Nature without the Bad Parts:

When people talk about getting back to nature, they usually leave out the parts about creatures that bite, hills that tax your endurance and woods just made to get lost in. For those who love that kind of challenge, more power to you. But you can get close to nature without the parts that make nature a trial. Our facility has well kept stands of trees, gentle paths that will encourage you to exercise, and peaceful and beautiful fairways and greens. And plenty of places to take cover should the weather turn frightful.


Challenging holes:

Our club maintains some of the finest holes in the country, and we can be compared favorably with nearly any facility you could name. We take pride in our fairway and green maintenance, and our traps and hazards have been lauded for their locations, which challenge without interfering with the flow of the game. Golf course design and maintenance is an art, and we have some of the best practitioners in the business on our staff. Only top flight grasses are used for our fairways and greens, each selected for their ability to stand up to the conditions of our area.


Lessons and Classes:

While many simply take their golf game as it comes, thankful for a few hours away from the phone and city traffic, others are committed to being the best golfer that they can be. To this end, we provide a number of educational opportunities for our members and their guests to shave some points off their game. Our staff of professional golf instructors are offer group and one on one sessions, and our practice greens and chipping fields are available for your use. We are also one of the few courses in the area with our own driving range attached.

For advanced golfers, we offer master classes with tournament pros who are in the area.


Social Amenities:

While this is a golf course, you aren’t expected to be hitting the ball all the time you are here. Our clubhouse features several cafes, bars and patio areas that you can use to relax before or after a match. Our new card room, which opened last year, has been very popular with the bridge and pinochle enthusiasts among our members. Our acquisition of an adjoining property will allow us to open up a zen garden and contemplation path next Spring.


Outside of daily activities, we have a number of scheduled and special events during the year including several dances, parties for Halloween, Christmas and New Years, as well as one of the finest Fourth of July fireworks shows in the area. For the families, our Harvest Festival features a buffet dinner, chances to meet the other members and their families, and an evening of games and activities for the kids.


Always looking for new members:

If this sounds like the kind of place you want to spend time, applications are available at the main desk or on our web site.


We hope to have you with us soon.